Houseboat Holidays: The cost of renting a houseboat

Prices (CAD$)

Houseboat Holidays 48' houseboatThe cost of renting a houseboat varies depending on the time of year and the model you choose. Yet even in peak season on our biggest boat, the cost of renting a houseboat is an affordable vacation choice.

Weekly: Mon-Mon, Fri-Fri, Sat-Sat (Sat-Sat red model only)
Weekend: 1PM Fri to 9AM Mon (or Sunday evening)
Long weekend: Add one day at beginning or end of weekend (Thurs-Mon OR Fri- Tues)
Mid-week: 1PM Mon to 9AM Fri

Download the booking and deposit form here.

Weekly rates, all boats.

For fly bridge add $100

Weekly Prices

DepartApril 29-May 25May 26-Jun 17Jun 18- Jul 13Jul 14- Aug 17Aug 18-Sept 7Sept 10-Sept 23Sept 24- Oct 14
Big Blue$1500$1850$2300$2450$2300$1850$1500

Red boats, multi-day rates.

DepartApril 29-May 25May 26-Jun 15Jun 16-Jul 13Jul 14-Aug 17Aug 18-Sept 7Sept 8- Oct 12
Long Weekend$750$825$925$1025$925$800

Blue boats, multi-day rates.

For fly bridge add $50
DepartApril 29-May 25 May 26-Jun 15Jun 16-Jul 13July 14-Aug 17Aug18-Sept 7Sept 8-Oct 12
Long Weekend$850$925$1025$1125$1025$850
Mid Week$850$925$1025$1125$1025$850

Big Blue, multi-day rates.

Big BlueApril 29-May 25May 26-Jun 15Jun 16 -Jul 13Jul 17-Aug 17Aug 18 -Sept 7Sept 8-Oct 12
Long weekend$1250$1300$1450$1575$1450$1250

Add a kayak or paddleboard to your rental.

More ways to enjoy the islands!

$90/3 days      $120/4 days       $150/week

Reserve early.
Get the boat you want when you want it!

Note: All rates are quoted in Canadian funds. The cost of renting a houseboat does not include taxes or the deposit or the cost of gas.

Please enable your javascript.Form of Payment: E-Transfer, Cash, Money Order and Personal Check. (Sorry, no credit cards.)

All bookings are made by phone and a deposit is required to secure your reservation.